Bill of Rights

MobCEC Financial is nothing without its customers. They are a prime cause of its existence. Without them, there is no reason for MobCEC Financial to exist. We therefore believe that our customers deserve, and should enjoy:

  • To be treated as equals, partners and friends;
  • The respect of our management and employees;
  • Quality products at a fair price, which meet or surpass their expectations, and which continue to grow with them;
  • Prompt and effective resolutions of software bugs at no cost – after all, they are our bugs, not the customers’;
  • A choice of support programmes at differing cost levels with performance limits set so that no customer feels that the response from us to the customer at a time of need is unsatisfactory;
  • A forum at which to discuss openly both our performance and the performance of our products;
  • Hands-on, one-on-one support at a time which meets with the customer’s business needs;
  • The availability of centralised or on-site training for clerical, supervisory and management staff at a reasonable cost;
  • Unbiased advice on hardware and software products which the customer may require to purchase in association with our products;

In return, MobCEC Financial expects from its customers:

  • Co-operation, without which the best planned project can never be successful
  • Adherence to schedules and deadlines, since otherwise, our costs rise and others may suffer
  • Professionalism in employing and using third parties to adequately secure computer systems and plan for disaster recovery;
  • Payment of our invoices on time, and where an invoice is in dispute, payment of the undisputed portion when due;
  • Control over access to our software in accordance with the terms of the contract on which the software was licensed;
  • Constructive feedback on our performance and weaknesses;
  • Constructive feedback on the performance and weaknesses of our products or services
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