A cookie is a collection of information stored on the hard drive of the machine which you use to access a web site on the World Wide Web. Information stored may typically include a username and the current date and time. Cookies are normally used by websites to identify users who have previously registered or visited the site. On some sites, cookies are used to help you remember your username and password together with other personalisation settings which allow the web site to appear the way you wish. Cookies are normally benign and helpful. However, people do use cookies to track statistical information such as the number and frequency of visits made to a web site and the pages visited. Some people do consider this an invasion of privacy, but do not consider the time and effort that the web site provider has taken to provide the information on the web pages, and then keep it current and fresh. Cookies help the web provider to do this by providing statistics on which pages are most visited (and therefore valuable) against those which are rarely visited and either need to be revamped or removed.

We do or may use cookies to:

  • At your request, store your username and/or password to services we supply through our web pages so that you do not have to remember them; however, we will not store usernames or passwords to any parts of our system which are sensitive and should remain private unless we encrypt them in such a manner that other persons using your computer would be unable to determine what they are;
  • Record statistics about your visits to our web pages so that we may improve them for your use;
  • Store your personal preference settings for the way our web pages are presented to you;

We do not use cookies to:

  • Record personal information about you, with the exceptions listed above;
  • Track your movements from source page into or out of our web pages;
  • Construct mail lists for either our use or for third parties;
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