Remuneration policy


  • The company's viewpoint of personnel strategy is: recruit and appoint the right capabilities in the right position, pay salary worthy with job performance and contributions.

Competitive salary

  • MobCECbuilds a competitive salary, bonus and competitive benefits that ensures the retention of talent and attracts personnel.

Salary depends on capacity

The employees will enjoy the income corresponding to the capacity, effort and contribution.

In addition, the employees will enjoy our bonus regime as follows:

  • Tet bonus following the experience and performance.
  • 10% of salary on public holidays: Apr 30th, Sep 2nd, Jan 1st.
  • Subsidize employees under vietnamese labor law (moon festival, wedding, children’s day, maternity,...)
  • Project bonuses depend on business situation and revenue (if any).

Welfare benefits

  • Welfare benefits always focuses on bringing to the staffs a comfortable and solidary working environment.


  • Having annual company trip for all employees


At MobCEC,employees will be entitled to full insurance according to the regulations of the government:

  • Social insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Accident insurance


  • Being supported for professional training during the probation period.
  • Having time to find out, learn new requirements about professional.
  • Participating in e-commerce projects in many different fields.
  • Having the opportunity to interact with the new information technology infrastructure.

Staff life

  • Having visiting programs, supporting employee’s events such as marriage, pregnancy, birth, sickness...
  • Organizing employee’s birthday monthly.
Working environment

Working environment

MobCEC provides the equipment to meet the working demands of each department’s staffs, creates the environment that helps employees develop their best.

Recruitment process

Recruitment process

Review the recruitment process and decide to start your career with us. Include: Receive and select records, Interview, Notify the result

Position career

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